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Christina and Darnell work with the Peace Church in Manila, Philippines
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The Barkmans are giving pastoral leadership to Peace Church Philippines, a new Anabaptist church in Metro Manila. They have been instrumental in the development of Peace Assemblies Network, also known as the Philippines Anabaptist Network, a group of peace-oriented individuals and churches who seek to transform society by embodying a culture of peace in their faith communities in the Philippines. The Barkmans have a close connection with the Integrated Mennonite Churches (IMC) of the Philippines and have been invited to serve as mentors and provide resources for the youth programs of Mennonite churches in Luzon.

Your support of Christina and Darnell will help to develop a culture of peace in a country that experiences frequent and ongoing violent conflicts.

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Christina & Darnell Barkman
Witness Workers in the Philippines
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Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Abbotsford, BC
Evangelism & Church Planting
Hosted by PeaceWorks