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Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives

Services and resources to understand the past and inspire life for the present.
right side Archives building; left side view of stacks of archived material

The MHC Archives collects, preserves, and shares the history of our family and church faith stories for future generations so that we can learn from our past.

Donations to the MHC Archives will help fund the intake of archival records -- sorting, arranging, describing and storing material that will be used for study and research, including a vast array of ever changing formats (textual, photo, sound recordings, films, videos, cassettes, CDs and DVDs). The materials are used by church leaders, family and local historians, academics, students, authors, journalists, filmmakers and many more, to understand the past and tell inspiring stories for the present and future generations.

Your gift will help pay for staff time, special preservation supplies and equipment, and the cost to provide basic research assistance.

Some funds will also be used to publish the quarterly newsletter Mennonite Historian and maintain special virtual exhibits such as Alternative Service.

The Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives is a Ministry of Mennonite Church Canada.

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