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Menno Nursery in Thailand

Church outreach with a child nursery.
three children, two adults in a playground

Tom and Christine Poovong and their pre-school children, Phimchanook and Joseph, from Trinity Mennonite Church, in Calgary, AB, serve as church planters with Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers in Thailand.  Together with young local church leaders from the Maliwan Mennonite Church in the city of Khon Kaen, they are starting Menno Nursery, a business and outreach project of the church.  The Menno Nursery project was initially started in a residential area but it has now moved to be at the Maliwan Church.  As they interact with families and children they are introducing Jesus and inviting community members to their church.  They hope Canadian short-term workers will soon join them in caring for children in this important outreach ministry.  

One of the church members, Amp (pronounced “Am”) Anantasak, is very involved in this project and also hopes to start a soccer academy soon. He says: “It is important to make this [Menno Nursery] connection with children and families when they are young, but we also need to connect with these children as they grow up. A soccer academy will do that. We will also use that as a way to shape the kids with Christian values.”

In addition to supporting the Poovong family, Mennonite church Canada Witness is also providing rent for the Menno Nursery building.

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