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Support Gregory Rabus & Jennifer Otto in Germany

Gregory and Jennifer are helping to build community in Southern Germany
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Jennifer and Gregory are working in an urban outreach and community building ministry called "Friedenshaus" in the city of Ludwigshafen. Using the motto "Building community; Learning peace", this ministry focuses on making new relationships possible and learning to live with one another in our diversity. This ministry has become more focused on Syrian refugees  in Ludwigshafen. Germany has accepted 1.1 million refugees in 2015 alone (by comparison, Canada has taken in about 40,000). Gregory and Jennifer work in partnership with ASM (Conference of Southern German Mennonite Congregations), the DMMK (German Mennonite Mission Committee), the Ludwigshafen Mennonite Church, and Mennonite Church Canada. 

Your gift to the ministry of Gregory and Jennifer is also a gift to many refugees trying to make a new home in Germany.

Worker Info
Gregory Rabus & Jennifer Otto
Long Term Workers in Germany
Home Congregation(s): 
Steinmann Mennonite Church, Baden, ON (Jennifer)
Home Congregation(s): 
Montreal Mennonite Fellowship, QC (Gregory)
Evangelism & Church Planting
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