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Support Lillian and Norm Nicolson in Burkina Faso

Lillian and Norm help build the Church in Burkina Faso
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Liliian has patiently worked for many years to help develop orthography (written characters) for the language of the Siamou speaking people in the village of Tin, Burkina Faso. Her work continues with Paul Thiessen and a team of Siamou translators on the translation of selected books of the Bible.

Norm is helping to build the income generation capacity of the church's people and surrounding community near Orodara, Burkina Faso. Norm serves as an instructor in metal work and welding workshop. Norm also supports the evangelism ministry of the church through its audio recording studio of the church, helping to record scripture passages which have been translated in the local languages on various media in order to broadcast on the radio or on digital players. In Burkina Faso, radio is the primary broadcasting channel for news, information, arts, and culture.

Support Norm and Lillian Nicolson as they strengthen the church in Burkina Faso through Bible translation and income gernation projects.

Worker Info
Norm & Lillian Nicolson
Long Term Workers in Burkina Faso
Home Congregation(s): 
Bluesky Mennonite Church, Bluesky, AB (Lillian)
Home Congregation(s): 
North Peace MB Church, Fort St. John, BC (Norm)
Evangelism & Church Planting
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