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Mennonite Church Canada Youth and Youth Delegates 2017

EVI, in support of Mennonite youth
Green Dove logo, partial Hymn page: "299 New Earth, heavens new" Fundraiser

The purpose of this fund is to help support Youth and Youth Delegates attending assembly. It will be equally distributed among all participants, with no need to apply.

Donors: Please support youth and members of congregations who may require financial assistance to attend the Special Delegate Assembly on Oct. 13 -15, 2017. This invitation to give generously is in partnership with Emerging Voices Initiative (EVI).

Background: A recurring theme of EVI’s cross-Canada tour in 2016-17 was the importance of encouraging youth to be involved in area and national church initiatives. EVI will host a Youth Delegation Program for high school students to imagine the church of the future in a multi-faith world challenged by bullying, racism, and inequality.

Participants will get acquainted with the Future Directions Task Force proposal on Friday evening, after the opening session, preparing them to participate in the discussion on Saturday. On Saturday evening after the closing session, there will be a time of debriefing our experiences and looking forward. The weekend will be infused with snacks, late nights, and live tweeting.

Your financial support will: Help financially support youth attendance and demonstrate that they are valuable members of our church with an important voice; send an encouraging message to those who otherwise could not afford to attend.

Our goal is $20,000. Thanks to two generous supporters, we already have $5,000 in seed funding.

For youth and parents: Once we know the total amount that will be available and the total number of youth that will be accessing the fund, we will reimburse youth delegates proportionally. In the meantime we are asking all youth to register online complete with full payment.

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