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A growing church in Kherson, Ukraine

Supporting the church in an historic and still troubled region
two adults and 2 children in a kitchen

Sergey and Lena Deynekin provide pastoral leadership at the Chernobaevka Church, near Kherson, Ukraine. With support from Mennonite Church in Canada, Sergey and Lena have been able to be a pillar of strength and positive Christian hope in their community. Besides pastoral care and church leadership, their ministry includes a summer camping ministry for children. In a region that has experienced tremendous economic difficulty and political conflict, the ministry of the church, and the Deynekins leadership of this congregation is a tremendous source of hope.

The Chernobaevka Church is currently renting a house where they gather for worship. They have also started raising funds and are looking for a property to purchase in order to build a church building where they can continue to grow as a faith community and have a positive impact in their neighborhood.

Support Sergey and Lena Deynikin as they give leadership to this community of believers this region of economic and political tension.

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