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Support China Ministry - International Relationship Building

Inspiring students and church leaders in China
Jeanette Hanson

Support Jeanette Hanson

Jeanette Hanson is serving with China ministries while based in Canada. Through regular correspondence and periodic travel to China, Jeanette provides resources, facilitates connections and is helping to build relationships between Chinese pastors and Mennonites in North America. In this part-time role, Jeanette serves as assistant director for Mennonite Partners in China (MPC), the inter-Mennonite body through which MC Canada ministry in China is coordinated. Mennonite Church Canada is one four organizations supporting MPC.

Help support this ministry as Jeanette works to build relationships between churches in China and in Canada.

Worker Info
Jeanette Hanson
Resource Worker for China Ministry
Home Congregation(s): 
Grace Mennonite Church, Prince Albert, SK
Home Congregation(s): 
Tiefengrund Mennonite Church, Laird, SK
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