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A gift to the whole church is helps to build financially stable churches and families in place like Burkina Faso.
a man in front of a rural scene on the left, a building on the right

Siaka Coulibaly, pictured above, is a member of the [Mennonite] Church of Kangala in Burkina Faso. He received a micro-loan of $150 000 francs ($322 CDN) from Mennonite Church Canada. With this money he was able to buy cashew nuts and cereal grains, which he re-sold at a profit. The profits allowed him to expand his business and grow sweet potatoes, using the shoots to re-plant the field in preparation for another crop cycle. With the added profits from selling sweet potatoes, his business continued to grow. His most recent potato harvest filled a 7 ton truck 2 ½ times. The edible sweet potato leaves were also sold.

In a letter of gratitude that Siaka sent, he wrote: “I greet the church leaders and all those who helped to make a micro-loan possible.” Siaka wrote. “And our prayer is that it can continue to be great. This will really help the people in our churches to meet their needs. I even donated to some people.

Your gift to Mennonite Church Canada’s “Where most needed” fund will bring the hope and light of Christ to to Siaka and others like him in more than 20 countries where Mennonite Church has ministries.

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