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New Mennonite Hymnal

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It’s time for a new hymnal!

Some 26 years have passed since Hymnal: a Worship Book was released. The previous span between it and its predecessor, The Mennonite Hymnal (1969), was only 23 years. It is time to examine what new music is available and match it to what the church needs to enhance its corporate worship experience. We owe it to our faith communities to examine what is out there and to offer them the very best worship resources available. Additionally, many hymnals have been in constant use for 25 years and are showing their age. Churches are asking whether they should replace their worn hymnals or wait for what is to come.

The way congregations use worship resources is also changing. The aim of this initiative is to have both a hardbound hymnal and a projectable resource. There will also be an accompaniment book, a large type edition and a companion book with additional liturgical material.

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