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Coffee and Peacebuilding in Philippines

peace in the Philippines through justice oriented social enterprise

Coffee for Peace is a fair trade income generation business that supports peace building in the Philippines through the efforts of PeaceBuilders Community,in partnership with Mennonite Church Canada. 100% of donations via this page (and a portion of Coffee for Peace sales) will be directed to the peace building efforts of PeaceBuilders’ conflict transformation and reconciliation work in the Philippines, and receipted by Mennonite Church Canada. At the 2014 Junos, Canada's Music Awards, Coffee for Peace invited international recording artist Matt Epp to partner with them to build peace in the Philippines.

The Coffee for Peace story

Coffee for Peace is a community of conscientious individuals in the Philippines who are passionate about addressing social issues that concern farmers, the environment, and conflict situations by advocating Fair Trade in the coffee industry.

Through your donation you are directly supporting peace building and justice initiatives in the Philippines including economic benefits to coffee producers.

PeaceBuilders Community works with individuals and groups from all a backgrounds regardless of faith affiliation or cultural background.

Fair Trade is a key business approach to achieve justice and peace in the Philippine society and environment.

Who benefits?
  • Indigenous farmers get a fair price for their coffee
  • The environment is respected through sustainable farming practices
  • The wider community through peace and reconciliation initiatives
  • Coffee lovers enjoy great coffee!
About peace coffee

Beans for Coffee for Peace come primarily from various Indigenous coffee growers in the Philippines. PeaceBuilders Community provides five training modules for indigenous coffee farmers to develop knowledge in coffee production management in accordance with world-class standards and sustainable farming practices, as well as skills in financial management. Additional modules help to develop peace and conflict resolution skills needed to resolve skirmishes from within and from outside of their community. When producers are trained, PeaceBuilders Community helps to organize them as one of many other “Peace and Reconciliation teams” throughout the country.

Coffee for Peace buys green beans at a fair traded price. Before Coffee for Peace, Indigenous farmers were forced to accept whatever prices large buyers were offering.

Farmers receive training in price negotiation, sustainable farming practices, quality control, and inter-cropping, a practice that also helps supply their families with fresh vegetable produce such as carrots.

Most of the Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines are struggling to preserve their respective cultures, protect their ancestral lands, and to govern themselves in accordance with their various traditions. The term they use to describe their vision of the future is "the right to self determination of the Indigenous Peoples."

The thousands of cups of coffee served by professional baristas in the Davao City coffee shop have received double thumbs up from international NGO executives, international visitors, visiting diplomats, and local business leaders. They have begun receiving local and national orders for the coffee beans they use.

Award winning

Coffee for Peace has received excellent ratings given its recent entry into the marketplace. Read the news release "Coffee for Peace wins United Nations award"

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