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International Witness FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)
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Big Questions

What is International Witness?

The primary purpose for International Witness ministry is the creation, resourcing or strengthening of Anabaptist/Mennonite faith communities.

Do we still do this?

Yes! Regional Churches remain committed to a strong international witness ministry.

Will we have new witness workers? How do I apply?

As Mennonite Church Canada receives new invitations, they will be explored with the congregations to see if there is sufficient support to respond positively. For information on our Witness Ministries contact your Regional Church or

How are projects chosen?

The ESG & Joint Council have developed criteria that will be used to discern initial testing. If the invitation fits priorities, congregations and individuals will be invited to discern partnership.

How do you become a witness worker? Is there an application?

Contact Mennonite Church Canada for more information. Jason Martin, Director, International Witness,

Support Questions

How are workers supported now?

Through our centralized budget and designated giving.

Why do you still need so much money if Witness Workers are raising half their financial support?

The central budget still needs to raise the other 50% of the Witness Ministries budget. The previous model was financially unsustainable.

Why did you change the model from full core funding to 50% relational funding?

To engage congregations and individuals more fully in international witness, and to work towards a more sustainable model.

Do current Witness Workers need to raise 50% of their budget?

Joint Council has developed a 3-year plan to enable existing Witness Workers to achieve their relational funding. (See the following question for further support structures.)

Do new Witness Workers need to have 50% to start their ministry?

Yes. Regional Churches will connect congregations and individual donors to enable Witness Workers to achieve the relational funding requirements. Witness Support Teams will also be created to help Workers achieve the 50%, and support the Worker (and family, if applicable) in prayer, communication, and advocacy.

Do International Witness Workers have home congregations? If so, does the church also support them?

Yes all Witness Workers are supported by their home congregations.

How can we donate to support a Witness Worker?

Current Ministry Questions

How many Witness Workers are there?

As of June, 2018 there will be 13 workers.

Who are Witness Workers?

  • Christina & Darnell Barkman (Cody, Makai, Teyah and Jericho) - Philippines - Term ending June 30, 2018
  • Jeanette Hanson – China and Saskatchewan
  • Bock Ki Kim & Sook Kyoung Park – South Korea
  • Mike & Cheryl Mimz – England
  • Greg Rabus & Jennifer Otto (Alexander & Ian) - Germany - Term ending June 30, 2018
  • Dann & Joji Pantoja – Philippines
  • Tom & Christine Poovong – Thailand
  • Hippolyto & Miriam Tshimanga (Emmanuel and Joshua) - South Africa
  • George & Tobia Vieth - China

Where are Witness Workers currently ministering?

  • Philippines
  • China
  • South Korea
  • England
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • Burkina Faso
  • Germany
  • Vietnam

Communication Questions

How do we receive regular updates from Witness Workers?

Contact your Regional Church office. Contact info for each worker is available at

How can I learn more?

Contact your Regional Church or

Can I sign up for newsletters from the workers?

Many of the workers have blogs or a presence on social media. Find out more at or contact your Regional Church.

How will I hear prayer requests?

Sign up for the weekly email contact through your Regional Church.

New Struture Concepts and Acronyms

Mennonite Church Canada: Our nationwide community of faith

is the ministry of five regional churches working together. Individual congregations are members of the Regional Church.

circle concept of Mennonite Church Canada

Joint Council

The ‘elected board’ that is comprised of the Moderators from each Regional Church, and one other representative (member-at-large) from each region.

ESG - Executive Staff Group

The Executive Ministers from each Regional Church, and the Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Canada, meet together regularly to work on the nationwide priorities.

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